Event FAQs

Floxsie's vision is to be the premier event and educational company within the fiber community who are committed to being fair, transparent, caring, and accepting of everybody for who they are. Our mission is to share our collective passion and sense of joy in fiber arts with the present generation and generations to come. Essential to every event and activity will be companionship, inclusiveness and education so that each of us can grow in our commitment to being fiber artists and fiber arts enthusiasts.

Tickets cancelled two weeks before the start of the Virtual Event will receive a full refund minus the transaction fees. No refunds will be provided for cancellations less than two weeks before the start of the Virtual Event. If you would like to transfer your class to another person please email us at hellofloxsie@gmail.com. Classes are transferable up to 48 hours before the event start date.

Select classes and lectures will be recorded. Any classes/lectures that will be recorded are indicate by ** in the session name. Please note that class and lecture recordings are only available to those who have purchased the entry into the class or lecture.

All demos and vendor sessions are recorded and available for an additional fee of $2.50 (Recorded Content Add-On) and are available to view for 2 weeks after the event.

Our classes, lectures, and demos operate on our online meeting and webinar provider, Zoom. You will be able to access all of this with a computer, smartphone, or tablet and an internet connection. To have the best experience, we suggest you view where you have a strong internet connection so the video does not buffer or lag. For smartphones and tablets, the Zoom app is available in the app store of your choice for all devices. For smartphone and tablet specifications, click here. For computer specifications, click here.

Zoom suggests our participants have at least 2 MPBS of upload and download speed from your internet service provider. To check your internet bandwidth click here. To try out a Zoom test session click here.

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email listing your registered sessions, make sure to check your spam folder! A link to which will be emailed to you for your personal schedule Event Hub that enables you to see all your registered classes and lectures, the virtual Marketplace, and demos. It is advisable to enter your classroom at least 15 minutes before a class starts to work out any technical issues.

Find a quiet and comfortable place in your home and assemble your supplies listed in the class description and any prior work requested by the teacher. If you want a snack or drink, go for it! Then set up your computer, smartphone, or tablet. FYI - Headphones will make it easier to concentrate but are not required. A few days prior to the event look for an email from us with details for accessing your personal schedule Event Hub. For each class there will be a “join session” button found in your EVENT HUB; please be sure to enter your classroom at least 15 minutes before the class starts to work out any technical issues you may have.

Don’t panic! First, exit from the class and re-enter the classroom. If the issue does not resolve itself, restart your device and rejoin the class. If you still cannot get in, please use the chat feature on our website. If you are waiting for your session to begin and it is past the start time, you may have clicked the wrong link. Return back to your event hub and click the correct link. 

The purpose of this event is enjoyment! Therefore, any form of harassment at any Floxsie event is subject to a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. Any form of harassment is unacceptable, and mean, and any person engaging in it will be promptly dealt with by Floxsie personnel. Please report any such behavior to Floxsie staff, who will respond with penalties that they consider appropriate including expulsion from the event with no refund. All attendees, speakers, guests, vendors and participants must adhere to the no harassment standard policy and are subject to the same disciplinary action. To review our terms and conditions, click here. To review Floxsie's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statements, click here.

Yes, you can. By clicking here or on the link we sent to you in your confirmation email and logging in, you can make changes to your class selections. This function will only be available up until 2 weeks before the event. Should you have difficulties with this function, please contact our registration team at: hellofloxsie@gmail.com.

Beginner and For Everyone:

From someone who can just about recognize knitting needles to someone who can knit a sweater in an hour! We will all learn something!


You can cast on and do knit and purl, work simple increases/decreases, follow written basic stitch patterns. You can work in the round and have finished some basic items or garments. Able to work different stitch patterns.


Most knitting projects don’t scare you. You are able to adapt patterns to fit and have designed your own patterns. You are always eager to learn new techniques and can grasp them easily.

If your problems are technical in nature (your browser is reporting errors or pages are failing to load correctly), please first try quitting and relaunching your browser and/or restarting your computer. Also, be sure you are not blocking cookies in your browser’s preferences (cookies are required for the registration form to work). If needed you can email us at hellofloxsie@gmail.com.

As a participant at a Floxsie event, you grant the event owners the right to record, film, live stream, photograph, or capture your likeness in any media now available or hereafter developed and to distribute, broadcast, use, or otherwise globally to disseminate, in perpetuity, such media without any further approval from you or any payment to you.

Of course! We encourage attendees to take photos, screenshots and share what you learned in your classes. Post them online using the hashtags #floxsievirtual #floxsievirtualapril2022 #makinganddoing

Your personal information is safe on our website. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology automatically encrypts your personal information when you place your order. Your order cannot be read and your name, address, and credit card information are secure.

All sessions are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Please adjust the listed times to your timezone accordingly.

Two ways. One way is to click on "MY EVENT HUB" in the navigation to view all of the sessions and classes you purchased. All participants are automatically registered for the full list of demos and vendor session with the purchase of a Marketplace ticket or Class Ticket. The second way to view the sessions is by using the "Event Calendar" dropdown in the navigation and selecting the type of session you'd like to see the list for.