Please join the Floxsie team for three Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshops

As part of Floxsie's commitment to educating ourselves on racism and inequality not only in the fiber community but in our society in general, we are offering free of charge workshops to anyone who wants to learn more on these topics. If you were unable to make the live sessions, recordings are available to watch below.

Fostering an Inclusive Lifestyle

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022

12:30pm - 1:30pm EST


Inclusive environments are productive environments! This seminar discusses how employees and managers can create an inclusive workplace, and how we as individuals can apply this to not only our work environments but to our daily activities. Participants will learn to identify activities, attitudes and assumptions that exclude coworkers and people we may interact with throughout the day. They will then explore ideas to include others in ways that enrich the office environment as well as their own personal lives.

Raising Diversity in Your Home

Wednesday, March 9th, 2022

12:30pm - 1:30pm EST


This is an opportunity for all parents/caregivers to learn how to effectively communicate on the diversities in the world today. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and we have different backgrounds, beliefs and abilities, that reflect on where we come from. You will learn how to talk about dealing with stereotypes and how to set a positive example for your kids.

Come along on our journey to create an inclusive and diverse space for all makers.

Our team is committed to delivering events and content to our audience that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. When Floxsie was in its early stages, we began by forming a DEI committee and taking workshops with a company called Balancing Life's Issues (BLI) to learn more about the inequalities faced by individuals in historically (and currently) marginalized communities. As we read, watch, and listen, we want to include you, our community, and anyone who is interested, in this process as our company continues to grow.

About Balancing Life's Issues (BLI) and our workshop leaders.

Balancing Life’s Issues (BLI) is a recognized leader and provider of customized corporate training programs. Their bureau of more than 1,800 trainers has touched over a million lives and delivers over 13,000 training sessions per year. BLI has a passion for science-based learning and their trainers are subject matter experts who believe in the absolute power of kindness to improve the lives of their clients.

James Francis

Mr. James Francis is a progressive and innovative presenter and thought leader, who has partnered with multiple organizations to enhance equity in their physical and virtual workplace environments. James has designed and facilitated numerous professional learning sessions in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and work life balance. Some of his high-energy and engaging sessions include topics such as Assertive/Effective Communication, Team Building, Resiliency, Inclusive Leadership and Strategies to Avoid Professional Blind spots. His strong communication skills have supported his partnerships and he works diligently to make each presentation unique and bespoke to the needs of the client.

James has consulted with and conducted executive level workshops for hundreds of clients across the globe, including Fortune 100 firms, non-profit organizations, and local and national government agencies. He has facilitated multiple one on one and group consultations and he has served as a speaker on diversity in multiple panel discussions and seminars. He consistently works to bring clarity and understanding to complex topics by presenting in a transparent and authentic manner. He often makes real-life connections to his work, when he shares personal, work-life balance anecdotes from the lens of a professional/husband/proud father of twin daughters.

James has served as the Director for DEI for Balancing Life’s Issues (BLI) for the past two years, where he has developed thoughtful, DEI content to support organizations, both large and small.

He currently conducts mediations, consults with clients, and mentors other professional trainers to sharpen their presentation skills and techniques. He also conducts multi-day leadership conferences for various organizations and produces a podcast for Leadership Teams to enhance their communication, team building and work culture development skills.

Theresa Francois

Theresa Francois is an innovative and versatile speaker. She uses her background as an educator and entertainer to bring interactive and inspiring trainings to her audiences.

Using humor, audience participation and real-life anecdotes Theresa facilitates trainings on stress management, goal setting, parenting, caring for the caregiver, sexual harassment prevention, the sandwich generation, suicide prevention, drug use prevention and many other topics.

Theresa has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in elementary and special education. She also holds 2 permanent NYS teaching licenses in Nursery grade and Special Education and a School Administrator’s license. Theresa holds certificates in Mental Health First Aid for children and adults, Substance Abuse Prevention and Opioid Overdose and Brain Injury.

Some of the agencies Theresa has provided trainings for include several Fortune 500 companies as well as St. John’s University, Hofstra University, and NYU Langone.