Drop Spindle Spinning with Alyssa Brieanne Jordan
Friday, September 23, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (EDT)
Session Type
For Everyone

In this introductory class to Drop Spindle Spinning, you will make your own Hand Spun perfectly imperfect Single Ply Yarn! We will begin by going through the steps of drafting your wool and using the park and draft method to begin to make yarn. Listen along or pick up some materials to get started in hand spinning!


  • A Top Whorl Spinning Wheel: My recommendation is Schacht or Ashfords. It must be a Top Whorl Spindle.
    Scacht :
  • Leader Yarn (Small Ball of Waste Yarn) I recommend a leader yarn similar in texture to Rowans Felted Tweed. The rougher in texture the yarn the easier it will be to begin spinning in my opinion.
  • Fiber: I recommend a 100% Wool Roving that is undyed, at least 4 ounces (115 grams) My preferred Wool Fibers are Romney, Coopsworth, Corriedale, and Bluefaced Leicester Wool for a beginner spinner. Feel free to bring what you have or a few options to try. Every spinner has their own preference.